2008  CANathon
The 29th Canathon was hosted by the SA & NT Division in Adelaide and was attended by 108  members and their families.  
The customary Friday night get-together was held at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel at Port Adelaide.  The hotel had just recently been renovated 
and has been one of Adelaide's premier pub breweries for many years. 
 The Festival Function Centre at Findon was the venue for the Canathon. 
We were very fortunate to have  the current BCCA President Joe #1939 in attendance.  Joe was the first  President to 
attend a Canathon and had a ball meeting our members and doing plenty of trading.  He 
encouraged at least nine ABCCA members to travel to the US for the 2008 BCCA Canvention 
in Florida in August.