ABCCA   CANathon

The CANATHON is the official convention of the Australian Beer Can Collectors Association Inc. 
It is held in a different state/city each year with each Division of the ABCCA being allocated a  Canathon on a rotational basis.

The Canathon has been held in January each year since 1980 but from 2018 it will be held in May  to better accommodate conflict with the Holiday Season.

The venue for the Canathon is  on a rotational basis from state to state and is held in each State of Australia every 6 Years.

It provides members with an occasion to meet and  trade with interstate and overseas collectors, as well as enjoying various social events and  collecting fellowship.
Since 1981 the ABCCA has had much-valued sponsorship from some of Australia’s biggest Brewers and this is continuing to the present day.

Brewing companies have produced and filled a  special limited-edition Beer Can commemorating the Canathon and are highly regarded amongst ABCCA members.
Canathon 2022
                        Will be held in Redcliffe, Queensland           
Fri 13th, Sat 14th, Sun 15th & Mon 16th May 2022

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1980  Fairfield, New South Wales   2000   Echuca, Victoria
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1981  Melbourne, Victoria   2001   Perth, Western Australia
1982  Brisbane, Queensland   2002   Adelaide, South Australia
1983  Sydney, New South Wales   2003   Ipswich, Queensland

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1984  Hobart, Tasmania   2004   Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
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1985  Ballarat, Victoria   2005   Hobart, Tasmania
1986  Adelaide, South Australia   2006   Benalla, Victoria
1987  Katoomba, New South Wales   2007   Perth, Western Australia

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 1988  Brisbane, Queensland   2008   Adelaide, South Australia
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1989  Hobart, Tasmania   2009   Ipswich, Queensland
1990  Melbourne, Victoria   2010   Newcastle, New South Wales
1991  Adelaide, South Australia   2011   Hobart, Tasmania

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1992  Brisbane, Queensland   2012   Benalla, Victoria
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1993  Central Coast, New South Wales   2013   Perth2002, Western Australia
1994  Hobart, Tasmania   2014   Elizabeth, South Australia
1995  Melbourne, Victoria   2015   Caboolture, Queensland

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1996  Adelaide, South Australia   2016   Maitland, New South Wales
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1997   Brisbane, Queensland   2017    Hobart, Tasmania       
1998   Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
  2018    Echuca, Victoria
1999   Hobart, Tasmania    2019    Busselton,  Western Australia
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  2020    Not Held (Covid19 Restrictions) 
  2021    Nurioopta,  South Australia  
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